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Starting in 2022 we are inviting visitors to come experience our ranch in Brentwood, CA! We have lots of fun activities and animals to play with So we have decided to invite small groups onto the ranch to have a little fun! All funds from a ranch visit goes straight back into our ranch! Updating pens, winter blankets for those that need them, fly deterrents, shelters, ect!

We offer a large variety of activities, doing our best to change them up regularly. If you would like to learn about the theme, or request a theme, feel free to ask! Our themes include some related activities - like for Easter, they get to play with Easter eggs and bunnies!

Every ranch experience includes a few fun outdoor activities you wont find anywhere else (or have to put the work in or clean up the mess yourself!), meeting many of the animals and giving some animals special treats, and a pony ride for everyone under 80lbs. *horse rides available upon request for an additional fee - horses have a 200lb weight limit*

Ranch Experiences are perfect for those with kiddos that don't have a very long attention span, as we can easily change activities if they get bored! It takes less than 5 minutes to completely change what activity we are doing, unlike an event where we can only bring a limited supply of animals based on your order. 

Please keep in mind while planning your experience, we do NOT have a restroom on-site. 

Ranch Exp Inquiry

Ranch Experience Inquiry

If you have any questions about our products or services, please make your inquiry using the form below.

Each experience starts at $125 per hour. This may include UP TO 5 people. Each additional person (0-100yrs) is an additional $25 per hour.

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