Pony Wranglers and Pony Pics

We have a great crew of ponies and helpers (our wranglers). They are the heart and soul of Tickle Me and without them, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. We have approximately 20 working ponies. They range in age from 4-35, both mares and geldings and come in every color. The ponies average 11.2 hands in size and are mostly welsh crosses. All of the ponies are kind and sweet and seem to enjoy their jobs. We have enough ponies that no one works too hard, typically 1-2 days a week. They hang out at our ranch the rest of the time eating hay and grain and awaiting their beauty treatments!

Our Pony Wranglers are a GREAT group of young men and women who help the kids enjoy our ponies and petting zoo critters. Some of the wranglers I have, I met at their own pony parties over 20 years ago! Others met me when they were 7 & 8 years old to take riding lessons, and are now driving in on weekends to work or coming home from college. YIKES I'm getting old!!