Healthy Info

Healthy routines are always important - even at parties!!

         We recommend that you make soap and water available to everyone at the party after they have finished with the petting zoo or pony rides and before moving on to other activities.  We have had this recommendation on our website for many years -- well before recent news articles about health issues related to petting zoos. Hand washing is the number one way to prevent illness and should be practiced after petting even the family dog!  This is the recommendation of state and federal health departments and soap and water is the preferred method, health departments also recommend baby wipes and sanitizing hand gels where hand washing with soap and water is not available.  We recommend that toys and pacifiers be removed from children before they enter the petting zoo or go near the ponies, this ensures that these items stay clean.

We are aware of the March 2005 E. Coli outbreak in Florida that may be associated with animal contact (as of April 2005 no conclusive evidence has been released).   While many animals carry and shed E. Coli bacteria, and there have been occasional outbreaks of petting zoo related illnesses, in every single case that we know of, petting zoos have not been founded to be the underlying cause.  For more information about which animals spread E. Coli please visit the:

 Centers for Disease Control Website about E.Coli and Farm Animals.

The current concern over a worldwide Bird Flu Pandemic is also important to us.  Our animals are NEVER in contact with animals from other farms.  They leave our farm only to do parties and we do not board or take in other people's animals, not even horses.   If we purchase baby animals or rescue animals, they are isolated and get health certified before joining our other animals.  If you have any concerns about how we handle and house our animals, particularly our chickens and ducks, please give us a call!

We do hundreds of parties every year.  In our 15 years of business we have never had a single instance of illness associated with our animals by clients and or our own children!  We are confident that your health is not at risk by enjoying the company of our animals!

Every effort is made to ensure the animals living conditions are as clean as possible and that the animals that attend parties are as clean as possible.  We voluntarily adhere to USDA regulations and guidelines to ensure our animals have the highest standard of living conditions and care.  Despite this, we cannot stress enough the importance of hand washing following contact with any animal, anywhere.