Safety & Insurance

Our animals MUST be healthy, gentle, sweet, clean and SAFE -- my kids are with them daily! 

 All of the animals live on our ten-acre ranch so they are more than just working animals -- they're family!!!  We give them respect, love, compassion and kindness and it shows!   Our ponies & critters are the healthiest, cleanest and safest available.   All animals receive regular vet care and are appropriately vaccinated.

We never compromise on safety!

Cute isn't everything -- safety is!  We take every precaution possible to ensure safety is not compromised.  All animals and handlers are trained and all equipment is checked before leaving the farm.  We've got 29 years of experience so we're confident that our animals, equipment and handlers are the safest.

Unlike other companies that just drag the pony along behind them, our staff always walks next to the pony with one arm within reach of the child.  This provides added security for the child and also means that we are interacting with the child during their ride, a detail that ensures a wonderful experience.

Care is taken at all times to ensure the safety of both the children and the animals.  Staff persons are careful to instruct children on how to proceed near the ponies -- never walk behind them, never run around ponies, etc. They also keep a careful eye on the kids to make sure they're doing alright with the petting zoo critters.

Of course we're insured!

Tickle Me Pony Rides and Traveling Petting Zoo is a very reputable California company and maintains all insurances required by law including full liability coverage for both our pony rides and our petting zoo.  Many of our competitors are NOT INSURED for their petting zoos or their ponies.   We provide copies of our insurance certificate upon request.  If necessary, customers may become additionally insured or co-insured for the day of their event. 

This service is available for a $150.00 fee, charged to us by our Insurance company.