"KISS A PIG" Fundraiser !

Many schools have had success with this fundraiser. 
It’s not just for schools!!  Try it for your church, business, club or event!!! 
  Here's how it works...

You get some teachers or administrators or others to agree to kiss a pig in front of the entire school. You need to get at least three or four people to agree.  Then you can set up jars or a voucher or pledge system that allows members of the school community, especially the students, to vote for the person they would most like to see kiss a real live pig by putting money into a jar with that person's name on it. On the day of reckoning, you simply see who has the most money or vouchers in their jar and then gather all the contestants in front of the school community and let the kissing begin!!!

We have done this for quite a few schools. For the last two years, Wagner Elementary School in Orinda, CA has &; Kissed the Pig&; much to the delight of all in attendance, including two of our fabulous pigs, Holly and Grunt!!  Not only is this a great way to raise money, but also is a great community spirit builder. 

Our pigs are always neatly groomed and very clean for the day of their attendance and have all their shots, so cleanliness and safety are not an issue.

The cost is the same as the hourly rate in your area, unless you have booked a full petting zoo. Then a pig or two will already be in attendance.  If you would like more information about this, just give us a call in the office or email us ---

We'll be happy to help you set something up!