Parking and Set Up Policy

Please make sure we have enough parking for our truck, trailer and unloading (animals load from the rear of the trailer) ready for us (about 5 regular-sized parking spaces). We generally show up a bit early for set up (about 20 minutes) so our animals are ready to work at your start time. If parking is not available, this may affect the time in which we start and will come out of your party time. This includes public places, such as parks.

 We appreciate being able to keep the vehicles close to where we work.  
If you have a multiple hour event we need the trailers close enough to give the animals a break. We don't want to be rude, but we can't be pinned into a location. If we have to park far away and walk all of our set up and animals in,  and the time it takes to set up is longer than 15 minutes, that time will come off of your party time.  We also like to be forewarned about tight courts and steep driveways.  It helps in planning. We have to be able to get out, and of course, we don't want to interrupt your event and ask people to move their vehicles. We shouldn’t be asked to back up a mile with sheer cliffs on each side (we have been), or cars on each side or made to unhitch our horse trailer to get it unstuck~we have had to do this too.  If we cannot get into a location, we reserve the right to leave, and all your monies are non refundable. All it takes is common sense, when you are looking at your location. Just because the UPS truck can get in doesn’t mean we can. We are unable to visit every site before hand. If you have a space you are worried about or something that you would like us to be aware of, please feel free to take a picture or two and send it along via email. 

We need room to get the truck and trailers and animals in and out before and after the event.  If we can’t get the truck/trailer and animals in or out we can’t do your event. You agree to forfeit all monies if we can't legally park and have to leave for another event. Tickle Me Parties is not responsible for required on-street or parking lot parking fees.

Example of why we need parking