TM Ponies Inquiry Form

Please fill this form out as accurately as possible for your event and what you are interested in us bringing to your event. :)

Event Info

The Below information is requested so we can make your expierence as magical as possible! This info does NOT affect your total cost. :)

Ponies and Unicorns

Please note that our Ponies do have weight limits for their own health and safety and we choose which pony to bring to your event based on the below information. Weight limits currently vary between 50lbs and 120lbs depending upon the pony. While ponies can be requested based upon weight limits OR color, they can NOT be guaranteed - but we will do our best!

Ponies and unicorns do NOT include a petting zoo, but petting animals may be added on below. :)

Petting Zoo Options

Please note pony rides are NOT included in the price of a petting zoo, but may be added on in the above section.

Standard zoo generally includes a variety of unique chickens, miniature ducks, goats, a sheep and bunnies when possible. Please note as we are working with live animals, sometimes substitutions may be made without notice.

Animal Add-Ons

Each option is an additional fee to the full petting zoo or your area minimum.

Parking Policy

Please make sure we have enough parking for our truck, trailer and unloading (animals load from the rear of the trailer) ready for us (about 5 regular-sized parking spaces). We generally show up a bit early for set up (about 20 minutes) so our animals are ready to work at your start time. If parking is not available, this may affect the time in which we start. We are NOT liable for a late start due to no-parking upon our arrival.

Notes, Questions or Concerns