Inquiry Form

I will get you your quote based upon this information. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required upon booking to hold your requested time and date. We are very busy and can only hold reservations for up to 48 hours without a deposit. We are currently taking deposits through Venmo and Zelle. Any questions or concerns may be asked at the bottom of the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Event Details

If you do not fill out all information in this section to the best of your ability, our ponies/unicorns may not be an appropriate match for your child(ren). We choose which pony/unicorn to bring based upon the age of the birthday child. Gender and theme are to assist us in bringing appropriately decorated ponies/unicorns. While you may skip this information, it is very helpful in making sure everyone is happy! :)

Ponies and Unicorns

Please note that our Ponies do have weight limits for their own health and safety and we choose which pony to bring to your event based on the listed age of the birthday child. If you will need a larger pony, please make sure we know in the notes section at the bottom of this form! Weight limits currently vary between 65lbs and 80lbs.

Petting Zoo Options

Please make sure ALL GUESTS are aware absolutely NO outside food, drink or gum allowed around our animals. If you would like to feed them, make sure you order the kit. THIS IS TO PROTECT OUR ANIMALS.

Full zoo includes: 2+ goats, 5+ chickens, 5+ ducks, 1 goose, EITHER a sheep or a pig, and one large animal depending upon availability.

Mini Zoo includes a small selection of animals from the ranch! 2+ goats, 3+ chickens and one surprise animal! (we do accept requests, but they can NOT be guarunteed)

Build Your Own Zoo

Build your own zoo is for ADD-ONS to your party. Please note each option is an additional charge to your area minimum.

Parking Policy

Please make sure we have enough parking for our truck, trailer and unloading (animals load from the rear of the trailer) ready for us (about 5 regular-sized parking spaces). We generally show up a bit early for set up (about 20 minutes) so our animals are ready to work at your start time. If parking is not available, this may affect the time in which we start.

Notes, Questions or Concerns

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