Miniature Cow For Hire

Meet our Miniature Cows!!!

That's right, Holy cow... we have a miniature cows!!! They are so very cute and petite. Their breed is a Miniature Zebu Cow.  The zebu cattle are docile and have great temperaments. They are well known for being gentle, intelligent and friendly, making ours the perfect additions to our animal family. They have an exotic look and the steers maintain the humps on their backs like their larger counterparts the Zebu cattle. They look much like Brahmas, that we are familiar with here. Miniature Zebus have long tails and fairly short horns. Their sleek coats are dense and short. They are a hardy breed and do very well in the heat and cold. They are one of the oldest breeds of cattle dating back as far as 3000 BC, originating in Asia. They have a lifespan of 17 years and grow to about 34 inches in height. There are only 500 mini zebus in North America.

Now that you know as much about mini zebus as we do, invite our ADORABLE Wild or West to your next celebration!!!