Cow Patty Bingo

Another great fundraiser for schools and non-profits.

Decide on and create a grid matrix.  You can make it as big as you want.   “Sell” the squares.  We have heard they sell from 5.00-25.00 each.  Decide your payout based on sales.  Add Dancer the Cow……or you can make it Barnyard Bingo with any of our critters…..a mini donkey, mini horse, pony, chicken, goat, llama or ?  Wait for nature to take its course, and wherever the poop happens is the winning square!  Folks hire us year after year for this creative way to fundraise.

You are responsible for creating the grid and fencing the grid.  Dancer is a good girl and is easily corralled.  Many people use the orange construction fencing, but t-posts with a strand or two of rope will keep her in the grid.

We feed her up and make sure she has a tummy full of grain on Bingo Day (one look at her and you will know she doesn’t miss any meals!), but on occasion she doesn’t potty during her Bingo shift.  No worries, there can still be a winner.  You can say the winning square is where her right front hoof lands at a predetermined time or you can draw a name at the finishing time. Just put your rules out at the beginning.

Everyone enjoys cheering Dancer on and pleading with her to “pick” their square.  A unique, fun, interactive and family friendly way to raise funds!