Around The Ranch

We may be with you for just an hour or two, or an afternoon, however, the ranch is our life.  The animals are our responsibility every day, year round.  We feed them two times a day, or more. We clean every stall, paddock and pasture and animal enclosure every day, adding new bedding, and straw or cozy creature comforts.  Our farrier visits weekly to do feet; our vet is here on call for check ups and teeth and on occasion in an emergency for a pony cold or upset tummy.  Our kids play in the barn every day with all of the animals their playmates.  We do lots and lots of prep work before we even get to you.  We clean and repair tack, shop for supplies, clean our trailers, clean our crates, clean our “props”, order hay, stack hay, brainstorm about how to be better, train our animals, clean up when we get home from your event, chase the escapees…piggies and chickens love to escape….and the list goes on and on.

We welcomed lots of new babies this year and last……Mama goat gave us twins..Ben and Gretchen, Donna the Donkey surprised us with Digger.  Henny Penny sat on everyone’s eggs and was successful in hatching her clutch.  And Anna the pot belly had babies, as did Grunt and Waggs……we have piggies out our ears!!!

We are excited that in the winter of 2016 we are introducing Pirate to our pony Superstar line up…We can’t wait for you to meet Napoleon, Pixie, Poppy, Bernie, Pilgrim, Soldier, Banana, Acorn, Tiffany, Milkyway, Scooby, Peanut, Popcorn and Tank as well as their special friends mini donkeys Ernie and Donna, Ima Llama and Dancer the mini cow at your event!

Squeaker, Katie and Nugget are enjoying the retired life…we think spending their free weekends watching football and playing golf pony style!
Some of our Babies!!