Pony “Driven” Carts and Wagons


Are you tired of the same ‘Ol Pony Rides?  We certainly hope not!!! 
But, if you are looking for something a little different, we offer pony drawn wagon and cart rides.  This service is available at any event you can think of, from birthday parties to festivals and everything in between.  We can make sure Santa arrives safely, that there is a hay ride at a pumpkin patch or fall festival, even that Grandma gets a ride for her birthday celebration.  While the kids adore the cart rides, this is a fabulous idea for an adult party as well!!

We have different styles of ‘vehicles” including 2 seat pony carts and adorable 2 bench wagon.  Each cart is “driven” by one of our staff members and then can accommodate both children and adults- 2-6 at a time, depending on the vehicle.  Our ponies are professionally trained to drive and are kept “tuned” up by our resident driving trainer, Roger Cleverly.

The ponies and carts can work on the street, in a large yard, in a park or parking lot, at a school. Just ask us about your location, I am sure it is perfect.

We have 5 fabulous driving ponies, Frankie, blue, Smokey, Scooby and Pilgrim.  They are masters of their craft!!  They have appeared not only at birthday parties and festivals but in parades as well.  We are so proud and impressed with out amazing Scooby, that he will soon spin his wheels in a horse show!  He is a pretty special guy.

Just ad $90.00 to the cost of your pony party to add the joy of a cart ride!!

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