Event Name: _______________________________________
Booking Agent: ____________________________________
Contact Name: _____________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone #: _________________fax: __________________email:___________________________
Email Address________________________________________________
Event day phone number_____________________________________________

Event Date: __________Event Time:_____________What time you want us there________________
Early set up time required_________________(additional 150.00/hr)

Please read and initial each section

Tickle Me Pony Parties and Traveling Petting Zoo needs convenient parking. We use our trailers throughout the day to give our animals' breaks and rest. You will be able to provide convenient, close parking to our set up area________

There is a useable source of water somewhere on site for us to use throughout the day for the health, care and comfort of our animals_________

There is an additional charge, not included in event bid if you require us to be set up/or have our vehicles in place, or for any reason any more than 1/2 hour prior to event start time. The charge is $100.00 per hour and is due with balance of payment on the day of the event. _______

A 50% deposit is required on all events.. Balance is due UPON OUR ARRIVAL on the first day of the event. Please do not make us look for you to collect our fees. ________

We reserve the right to substitute, change or not include animals for any reason. Our main concern is ALWAYS the health, comfort and safety of our animals. __________

We are insured. If any person or place requires an additional insurance policy to be purchased for an event, we need at least 48 hours to process through our insurance company. The minimum cost is 150.00 per additional named, it is your financial responsibility and a separate check must be included with final payment the day of your event, made payable to our insurance company______

If you will be collecting money/tickets/stamping hands etc. for either pony rides or zoo entrance, you will provide staff to do so for the entire duration of the event_______

Please let us know if we can set up fencing and decorations the evening before the event_____

Proposal: __________________________________________________________________________

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Amount of space available to us:(ft x ft)__________________Surface we will be on__________________
Our space # or location______________________Do we need to provide our own “shade”_____________
Amount of people you expect___________________Set up begins @____________________

Special Instructions/Directions-- please use back if necessary:

Payment Agreement:

Tickle Me Pony Parties and Traveling Petting Zoo will be collecting money for our services:

Pony Ride fee___________ Petting Zoo entrance fee_________picture fee________

We agree to pay ________% of our total on the Tuesday following the event by US mail.

The check made payable to_____________________ sent to the following address________________________marked attention:_____________________


_________________________________Agrees to pay $_________________________for the proposed services. A 50% deposit is due upon signing contract - refundable only for cancellation due to bad weather with 24 hour notice-if Festival or services are canceled for any other reason, deposit is non-refundable) Final payment is DUE UPON OUR ARRIVAL the day of the event (or first day of a multiple day event). If event is cancelled during event for any reason, Full payment will have been made and is non refundable.

Total amount of event-$____________________
Early arrival fee-$___________________
Total- $___________________
50% deposit -$___________________
Amount due- $___________________

The undersigned assumes full risk and responsibility and releases “PONY PARTIES” & “Traveling Petting Zoo”, Stacey Young, her contactors or helpers from liability for any cause whatsoever for any injuries incurred before, during or after pony rides or visits in petting zoo's arising from any cause.


Thank you very much!!! We look forward to working with you to create a successful event for all involved!!!!!

Stacey Young
4225 Briones Valley Road, Brentwood, CA 94513
Bus.# (925) 756-7335 Fax# (925) 756-7337

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